Careers Growth

The company attaches great importance to the training and development of employees, and closely focuses on the enterprise spirit of “thickness, trustworthiness, honesty and mutual benefit” and the concept of enterprise employment with “only talents, talents and talents, talents and talents, and make the best use of them”. Create a staff training and development system with Noel characteristics.

1 .pre-job training
  For the new recruits of the company, pre-employment training is organized by the human resources department. The training includes: company profile and corporate culture, corporate personnel and management system, and factory-level safety education. At the end of the training, the examinations are organized and the qualified persons are assigned to the employing department.  

2.In-service training

According to the work needs of the company and the department, the human resources department and the grassroots units will adopt internal training, go out, invite in and other different learning methods every year, organize cadre employees to participate in management and skill training, and continuously improve the management level and business skills of the cadres and employees. At the same time, the company regularly organizes employees to carry out outreach training, hone the will of the employees, and smelt the team spirit.

3.Career Development

The company is committed to integrating the fulfillment of social responsibility requirements into the corporate mission and personnel training, constantly giving the company a new era connotation, comprehensively considering the requirements and expectations of enterprises, employees, and stakeholders, and effectively promoting management to be benign, scientific, and Continuous track. The company provides four development channels for the career development of employees. Employees can choose their own development channel according to their professional expertise.


1、Internal competition

In order to promote the rational flow of internal talents, optimize the allocation of human resources, and establish an incentive mechanism for equal competition and survival of the fittest, the emergence of job vacancies within the company will give priority to the selection of outstanding employees through internal competition to supplement the company. The employees have the opportunity to make the most of their personal strengths. If the employee meets the internal recruitment requirements, they can participate in the internal competition.

2、Talent pool

The company encourages all departments to implement talent pools, and through the selection and training of key talents in the department, it gives employees more opportunities to learn and enhance their individual abilities, and enables employees to better design and plan their careers.

3、Skill improvement

Encourage, support and guide employees to improve their professional skills and achieve professional level development through the promotion of professional skills. The improvement of professional skills can be achieved through the following ways: self-development learning, on-the-job training, in-house training, and off-the-job training. Employees can choose one or more ways to improve their professional skills according to their own needs and the actual situation of the company.




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