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Shandong Nuoer Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It has developed and applied new products of PAM and SAP. Currently, it has PAM R&D department, oil field product evaluation department,  SAP R&D department and SAP application innovation center.  There are more than 40 R&D personnel in the department, including 3 doctors, 5 masters and more than 30 bachelors. In order to maintain the advanced technology,the company has hired 5 technical experts that are  well-known as technical consultants at home and abroad, and has carried out technical work with Shandong University and Qingdao University of Science and Technology. In 2018, Nuoer Group and Northeast Petroleum University  make Strategic cooperation Agreement, especially enhance the liaison in Enterprise Innovation, Talent Training and project research.

The company has strong scientific research strength, and has 26 patents and 7 scientific and technological achievements. It has developed redmud sedimentation flocculant, super polymer cationic PAM and other products. Among them, the red mud sedimentation flocculant won the gold medal at the China Patent Technology Successful Trade Fair and was awarded the NationalTorch Program by the Ministry of Science and Technology.The company specializes in the production of PAM, SAP, and has accumulated experience in exploration. It has developed into a professional manufacturer with high technology,internationalization and automation. The company has establishedindustry-university research cooperation partners with Qingdao University of Science and Technology and Northeast Petroleum University. It has established acooperative relationship with Guangdong Engineering Technology ResearchInstitute and was rated as a national high-tech enterprise, a Shandong intellectual property demonstration enterprise and a national intellectual property advantage enterprise.

The Colloid Materials Engineering Technology Research Center awarded the industrialization demonstration base. Standing on the stage of global competition. The scientific and technical personnel of NuoerBio-R&D Center will continue to pay attention to the latest developments in the development of domestic and foreign markets, in the wave of market economy.

In the face of new opportunities and challenges, we will developenergy-efficient products that are favored by the wider market and customers.




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