Company Culture

Values: Team Innovation Pragmatic Integrity Respect Performance

I. ENTERPRISE VISON: to create perfect products and build the first brand

The vision is what we expect to see, the ones that are willing to work for it, and the ones that can be achieved step by step through hard work. He answered the question "Where are we going?"

The Nuoer vision includes the extension of the business (brand). Intrinsic (product) two aspects. "Make perfect products" means: to achieve high-tech products, high-quality, refined, zero defects, to meet customer needs.

“Building the first brand” means: Through hard work, Nuoer has become the most influential brand in the field of polyacrylamide and super absorbent resin, and has become the leading enterprise in the industry and leads the development of the industry.

II.CORPORATE VISION: Serving Customers,Creat Value

The mission is a concentrated expression of our ultimate responsibility. It answers the question of "why exist, for whom exists."

“Achieving customers” means meeting customer needs and helping customers to develop their business. This is also the primary goal of Nuoer's business and entrepreneurship. It benefits customers through Nuoer's products and services, and helps customers to develop for their customers. Including social value, customer value, and employee values. Nuoer is committed to building a polymer refined industrial ecosystem and achieving a win-win situation among enterprises, society, customers and employees in the ecosystem.

Service philosophy:

  “Creation is moving” is the requirement of service behavior, and “beyond expectations” is the pursuit of service results. The service has three levels of realm; the first level is to satisfy customers, the second level is to surprise customers, the highest level is to make customers touch. We must use professional, personalized and humanized services to do every detail, touch customers, surpass customer Ade expectation, and create corporate reputation. Creation is not only for external customers, but also for internal customers. Managers and employees, between employees and employees, between departments and departments, and between the upper and lower processes, need to provide creative services, so that the company is full of emotion and warmth.





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